Mission Report 111522

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 111522








Random children wondering.



Divide into groups and search and rescue. Every time we cross the border we find kids wondering around abandoned, we will hit the areas with the most rape trees and dead bodies. We have the support of officials and churches with many volunteers from those areas. We have 7 transports with each having local volunteers. Then once we have all we could find we will transfer the abandoned children to these organizations.


We blended in with the traffic going to and from the both border sides. Then we split and roamed. Each of the transports had gps so we could keep track of each. We used alternative commutations for updates. The scenes were horrific. It took a lot to focus on the mission at hand. At times the teams would ask the 100s of people crossing. We never went more than 10 miles over. During a 6 hour period we collected 47 children ages 5 to 12. Needless to say we were all scared after this to think the cause is our country. All we captured have recovered and have a positive future. We will never be the same.



Rescued:  47

Previous total: 2545

Grand Total: 2592

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