Mission Report 12222

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 12222


Edge of large city


large gang



17 girls ages 10 to 15 in poor condition had been beaten and worse on a regular basis. It is a high traffic area for this practice. They are kept clean and heavily controlled. It is on a main road but set back with other buildings forward from it. We have many routes to leave city then into the mountains to safe house. There will be multiple safe houses we can use. There is no exit other than the front. The other businesses around the brothel are also controlled by the gang. Most of them are not operating at night. It has 3 guards and at night the other businesses not being open will allow us the best stealth.


Will blend in in the neighborhood prior to nightfall. As the other businesses close our volunteers will cover exit route and on near by roof tops to spot for us. We will have a local cargo truck like the old military troop transports move in slow and back up to brothel. At this time we will have the attention of the guards. Our teammates that had been hanging out will take them down strip them then duck tape them together and left outside with our calling cards. It is the losing face thing. Then 7 teammates will collect our girls and load them in the truck. Two locals that will take care of the rescued girls will be in that truck. As the truck leaves the team that were watching will follow the truck. Once we know we are clear we will have some local vans waiting in specific areas to take the kids to our safe house. There they will be checked, cleaned up with new cloths and fed. Medical check and informed what is going on. At this point they will on their way to their new happy home.


Execution was perfect only taking 6 minutes once I activated them. All were in okay shape for transport and we found their first smiles in a long time.



Rescued:  17

Previous total: 2600

Grand Total: 2617

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