Mission Report 11723

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Mission Report 11723

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 11723



Next to wet market south of city



International gang with help from Police and government officals


17 girls ages 10 to 14 Market is scattered over large area with small alleys near going in many directions. The brothel is located on dead end alley but near entrance of alley. It is a very busy area that will work to our advantage. Girls are said to be in bad condition. 3 guards and they are lazy. The front is all open and where the guards will be.


During busy hours will bring three tourist vans and block alley. 7 teammates will exit and storm the brothel put to sleep the guards. 3 locals will assist with bringing the kids to vans. All these teammates will take extra transports that other teammates will drop as they are collecting the kids. Then shadow the vans to exit point each van will take different route. Once all have met outside of town then on to safe houses. Once cleaned and any medical attention is done and cleared for transport they will go to new home.


Total extract was 4 minutes. No shadows no engagement girls all in weak condition but will recover with love and food.



Rescued:  17

Previous total: 2626

Grand Total: 2643

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