Mission Report 1523

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Mission Report 1523

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 1523



Central city



Local Business man


9 Girls in bad condition Located in between other businesses only front access. One guard and is along middle of street. multiple exits to safe house



Spotters will confirm when no customers. Two transports will move to front blocking any onlookers. 5 teammates with nun will enter and put guard to sleep cards will be left on him. Kids will be moved to transports. 7 other teammates will shadow and spot for any attempt to stop us. Once outside of town will meet a medical professional to asses the kids for transport to safe house. If all clear will move to safe house where they will be bathed new clothes and told what is going on. The off to their new home.


Went exactly as planned and it was as if no one even saw us. Well except the guard.



Rescued:  9

Previous total: 2617

Grand Total: 2626

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