Mission Report 13023

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Mission Report 13023

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking



Outside central city



Local gangs protected by Police


17 girls ages 11 to 14 in bad condition. No pluming or water. Two guards night one during day. Off duty police hang out there when not working. Has road leaving town and bridge next to it leading to mountains. No neighbors most of business done early evening and weekends Mostly locals.


4 transports all with two teammates. Nun will be in one. Main roads will be blocked during rescue. Will hit late at night. Two teammates will enter from river and take position in rear. The transports will arrive one first and put the guards to sleep. 4 teammates and nun will enter and remove girls. The guards will be gagged stripped and bound. Our cards will be left with them. Girls will be taken to two safe houses or one depends on their needs. The brothel will be burned. Then girls taken to places of their new homes.


7 minute rescue. Some of the girls unable to walk and most had been drugged. Several sick and needed treated at safe house. We used one safe house because the girls were attached to each other. Spent extra time at safe house due to condition of girls. They had many scars from beatings and lack of nutrition. Next day were well enough to be transported.



Rescued:  17

Previous total: 2643

Grand Total: 2660

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