Mission Report 3223

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Mission Report 3223

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 3223


Return to the border





Last time we visited in December we went to the areas known as the rape trees where women and children are raped and killed on a daily basis. We had entered in three transports and were hit by large cal. Ammo. One of our team was shot in the shoulder but not serious. The Cartels did not want us to save the wondering children.


Move into the same area as singles. Recon the area for the sniper nests and any other opposition. Then proceed safely to find any roaming children then take them to our known locations that would heal and protect them. Give them a good life.


We found 7 enemies and put them to sleep and took their guns and ammo then did what we always do with these monsters. Then brought in 4 transports and collected 12 children ages 7 to 11. Then took them to the safe locations where they were fed and introduced to their new home. All said they were given by their parent or parents to the bad men.



Rescued:  12

Previous total: 2668

Grand Total: 2680

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