Mission Report 4222

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Mission Report 4222

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 4222


inner city


Major gang


One way in one way out thru small alleys like a maze. 12 girls 10 to 12 years old in fair condition. No windows No water No bathroom. Friendlies only at exit of alley where we will escape. Three guards.


Over a 3 hour period will move 20 teammates into position near brothel. Spotters from our volunteers will be watching from ground and rooftops. Will move in when ready and put to sleep the guards on the inside. Then the other teammates will move in and acquire the girls. Two teammates will be female. Girls will be carried in intervals down alley to end at city street. There they will enter 4 transports that are waiting with medical and take different routes to safe houses with teammates shadowing them. Then to safe house and make assessments on girls health. Then once safe and fed bathed and informed will go to their new destination.


Preformed exactly as planned. In and out in 9 minutes once breached.


Rescued:  12

Previous total: 2680

Grand Total: 2692

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