Mission Report 5122

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 5122

Location: Central City has 2 guards 1 inside and 1 outside. Building has only front door. It is in a shanty town and is in a curvy alleyway with three sides connected to other buildings and the alley has one way in and one way out. Once at main street exits are left or right then into main city. Once there north was the way out of town about 10 minutes then safe house is about 1 hour away.


Owned by Large international gang. Police and city officials are on the payroll and frequent the brothel to keep an eye on it.


 Brothel has 7 girls ages 9 to 13. Most are reported to be in weak condition. Customers are mostly local and abused by the guards and police. Locals do not like it but are afraid of the Gang.


We sent several teammates through out the alley to watch for any bad guys. Local mini trucks with covered bed will wait at end of ally because they cannot fit in alley. 12 teammates will work their way to brothel two by two till near brothel. Then casually take guard outside to the inside and neutralize the guard inside. Then 2 female teammates will gather girls and each girl will be carried to end of alley. Then into transports and to safe house. Volunteers will be all along route to make sure no shadows. Some teammates will follow at distance to respond if needed. Inside the guards will be stripped and duck taped so they loose face. Our calling cards will be left so the gang knows we did it.


All went exactly as planned and the girls safely made it to safe house. All were very weak and some had infections. They were treated , fed, washed, new cloths and informed they were safe now. Then they were transported to their new home.


Rescued:  7

Previous total: 2368

Grand Total: 2375

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