Mission Report 42323

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Mission Report 42323

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 42323



Top floor of a two story building. Below on first floor is a small store. It is central city and has buildings on both sides of street side by side with only front entrance. One door to bottom floor then stairs to brothel. Block building. Busy street. 2 guards with one attendant down stairs working the store.



local businessman with cooperation by city officials and police.


11 girls ages 10 to 12 in fair condition.


Wait till early morning wait till one guard is outside Then move in with 3 transports to block view of front door. Put guard to sleep then enter and casually put to sleep the attendant and guard on stairs. Then bring in guard that was outside and duck tape them then other teammates would clear the upstairs and with female teammate bring the kids down to first floor and into the transports. Load kids and head to safe houses in three directions followed by other teammates on bikes making sure no shadows. Once girls have been fed bathed new clothes and a toy then on to their new home or homes.


Total of 8 minutes in and out. Girls were weak and dirty. They were taken care of then all fit for transportation no shadows.


Rescued: 11

Previous Total: 2692

Grand Total: 2703

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