Mission Report 5/2823

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Mission Report 5/2823

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 5/2/23



Outer areas of a main city



Major gang


Group of buildings all used for illegal operations. Center building is child brothel. 18 girls ages 10 to 12 in fair shape but have been brutalized. They get a cup of rice a day. Bathed with hose outside. No bathroom.


We will use 20 teammates. Volunteers have logged that the other buildings shutdown at 10 pm every night. Then two extra guards attend the brothel due to high traffic. Making 5 guards in total. Three outside and two inside. There is only one road in and out. There are some trails into the mountains used by locals but will work for the transports we have brought. 7 trikes will be used.

Will place roadblocks a half hour before we hit the brothel. All that travel the road will be held till we have rescued the kids. At 11pm 4 teammates will have moved in to surround building and when we activate they will take out the outside guards. Then the trikes will move in and enter the brothel taking out and putting to sleep the guards inside. Two female teammates one local will gather the kids and take to the trikes. The trikes with escorts will head to different paths off the road into the mountains and meet at two different safe houses where the kids will be taken care of and prepared for the journey to their new home. The guards will all be stripped and duck taped with our playing cards on them. Then left in center of compound.


Went exactly as planned. The kids were as expected in bad shape and very dirty. All would be fine and made it to their destination safe.



Rescued:  18

Previous total: 2703

Grand Total: 2721

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