Mission Report 6723

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Mission Report 6723

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Central city


Local Police and gang


A location in Central City had 16 kids ages 10 to12 in fair condition. All have scars and only get a cup of rice a day. They are held in rooms and not allowed to leave. This is a French style house and has 4 guards and 2 floors. The rooms are individual. It is on a main road but there are several routes out of city. We have secured 3 safe houses within the city because the government officials have a tight hold on traffic in and out of the city. We decided to cautious on exit.


We will use 5 exit vehicles to take the kids to different safe houses. This is where they will be checked and fed along with new clothes. Also they will be informed on what is happening and what is next for them.

Early morning is the best for low traffic and less customers to deal with. The guards usually nap inside and there will be one at the door and one inside the door. We will be set up where we will not be noticed and there will be volunteers on neighborhood roofs. There will be a teammate on the ground near locations with updates. Once we are ready to hit it one teammate will remove the guard outside then other teammates will join him entertaining the house then that guard will be put to sleep. Next the transports will ease up to the front door and there is no other exit. The team inside will surgically remove the remaining two guards. Two female teammates will then give instructions to the girls as they are being taken to the transports. Quietly they will all be loaded separately into the transports and taken to one of the safe houses. Then at different times during the day they will leave safe houses and meet up outside of town near mountains. Once we are all together there will be small bus to take them to their new homes.


All went exactly as planned and the kids were all in adequate condition to travel and made it safely to their new homes. All have been excited and happy in their new life.




Rescued:  16

Previous total: 2703

Grand Total: 2719

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