Mission Report 51422

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 51422


Foot of Mountains outside city

Visited by Local business men and some of the upper class locals


Local Gangs in cooperation with Police


 12 girls ages 8 to 13. Weak under fed and washed with hose. Kept in one room 2nd floor. Three guards two outside and one inside. Brothel at foothills of large mountain. One road following the mountain. Not traveled much no neighbors. About one mile away has another road leading into the city and three roads leading to a mountain pass that would take us to safe house and to their final home.


This would be a night rescue. We would position 4 teammates in mountains behind the brothel. On call they would move to back door and the others would move around house to the front. We would have spotter in field across the road that would give orders to the teammates near front to move in to take out the guards in front. Three transports would be at a distance waiting to move in when front was clear. A Buddhist nun would be with the transports to control the girls. Each transport would have 2 teammates and would meet with the two at the door. They would breach the door and take down the inside guard. Then the nun would enter and all would gather the kids and let them know they were safe. The guards would be stripped and cloths removed then duck taped together. Our calling cards would be scattered in the brothel. Volunteers would be at specific locations to watch for shadows and advise. A medical nurse would be with the shadow riders and would follow the girls to a control point. Transports would enter city on route to the roads leading to the mountain pass. There would be a location along the way to do a quick health check of the kids before moving on. Then to the safe house. At the safe house kids would be looked over, treated, fed, washed and clothed. Then to the final home.


All went as expected. The girls were in the condition we expected and very weak but good to go. No shadows and all made it to their new home where a new good life would be made.


Rescued:  12

Previous total: 2368

Grand Total: 2380

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