Mission Report 52122

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 52122


Tourist town next to ocean in shanty town


 Police and local government officials


 10 kids ages 10 to 12 in shanty town but next to main street. 2 guards mostly outside. Only one way in and out of brothel. It does not hide and sometimes they have girls in front so customers can see. The cater to locals. Kids in bad shape and some may be sick. Violence is how they keep the kids in check. Some appear to have infections from cuts. Building is surrounded by other businesses and the only opening is the front. Police are sometimes the guards out of uniform. Exits are all from main street. The town is medium sized.


Day rescue. Teammates will find several locations near brothel. Some spotters will be on rooftops reporting anything we need to know. Spotters will also be all along the route to safe house. One tour van will be used to transport to outside of town where they will be transferred into two other local looking transports. There they will be checked over. Two volunteers will be in van to inform kids what is happening. As the tour bus pulls up plain cloths teammates will take the guards down and inside. There will be a total of 7 teammates in van. 2 of the teammates are female and will talk to the girls. The guards will be stripped and duck taped and tied to one of the posts inside. Our calling card will be placed through out the brothel. Then the girls will be orderly taken to van with two teammates and volunteers and head to check point and be transferred to new transports. The team at the brothel will make their way to bikes that are parked nearby and join the other teammates shadowing the van. Then on to the safe house where the girls will be okay to travel on to their final home.


 All went well and it seemed that the locals saw us but made not moves and even one gave us the thumbs up. We made it to the transfer location and the kids were in really bad condition and we moved quickly to the safe houses. There they were fed and many needed treatment to continue. We bathed them clothed them and waited to a later time to feed them again. All of their injuries were treated and the nurse called a doctor for more advise. After several hours we felt it ok to move on to the homes where they would be treated further. Days later they had all recovered to a point that they would all be fine in a short time.


Rescued:  10

Previous total: 2380

Grand Total: 2390

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