Mission Report 6422

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Mission Report 6422

Shanty town

Police and local government officials

8 kids ages 8 to 12 in shanty town in a alley that is connected to several alleys. No direct route for escape. We will have to navigate with spotters along the way. 2 guards mostly outside. Only one way in and out of brothel structure. Two guards usually boldly standing in front of entrance. They even bring girls forward to street to show customers. The cater to locals. Kids in bad shape and weak. Violence is the norm and spotters have seen the girls with marks on them from the abuse. Note that when these kids are abused and with being malnutrition they do not heal sometimes ever. Police are sometimes just hang out there. Exits will be along a path where our spotters will help guide them yet the team knows the route. In this type of area with all that may be happening it is easy to get lost. The town is medium sized.

Day rescue. Teammates will take position in several locations near brothel. Some spotters will be on rooftops reporting anything we need to know. Spotters will also be all along the route to safe house. The transports will be local and will be waiting near the exit of the alleys to the main street that we will use. The team will make their way slowly to the brothel. They will gather at a nearby store that the owner knows who we are and there we will acquire the weapons. One female volunteer with be with the team to talk to the girls as we take possession of them. The guards will be taken down on entry then taken inside and bound. It is a tiny brothel so they will not have anywhere to flee nor do we expect that to happen with the condition they are in. Once the girls are informed that we are saving them the team will check with spotters overseeing the route that they are clear. Then move fast carrying the kids. As we enter the street the transports will block the alley way and that will not draw any attention with the transports being local and to park randomly is also normal there. Once our cargo is in they will go to a designated site where we can safely they can be checked medically. Then on to the safe house where the girls will be okay to travel on to their final home. We will have many volunteers spotting for us and those along the way. There will be 18 teammates involved. As normal we will leave our calling cards I the brothel.

All went well. We made it to the transfer location and the kids were in really bad condition and we moved quickly to the safe houses. There they were fed and many needed treatment including IVs . We bathed them clothed them and waited to a later time to feed them again. Seems like the norm latley. All of their injuries were treated. After several hours we felt it ok to move on to the homes where they would be treated further. All recovered in their new homes.

Rescued:  8
Previous total: 2390
Grand Total: 2398

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