Mission Report 61722

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Mission Report 61722

Central City

Large Gang

14 kids ages 6 to 14 in central city at end of city block next to large road and a ally way that has many tributaries. On main road it leads to several exit routes. We will have to navigate with spotters along the way. Brothel has 3 guards outside and 3 inside. Brothel has two exits, the front and side, the other sides are connected by brick with other buildings. The front doors have two guards that stay in front with one that comes and goes watching the neighborhood. The brothel caters mostly to business men and foreigners . Kids seem to be in ok shape but weak from lack of food and nutrition. The kids are abused to a point to keep them obedient. Police keep a distance and we are sure they are on the patrol. So we will need to keep them busy while we take back our kids. The town is a large city.

Day rescue. Teammates will take position in several locations near brothel. Some spotters will be on rooftops reporting anything we need to know. Spotters will also be all along the route to safe house. The transports will be local transports used for paying customers. They are large and will need to change when we are in a safe place. They would be to obvious outside the main city. The team will make their way slowly to the brothel. The roaming guard will be removed and transported to one of the alleys and left sleeping in one of the open areas. Those two teammates will blend in and find their way back to be shadows for our exit team. The transports will contain 14 teammates along with two female teammates that will speak to the girls as we remove them. The two guards outside will be moved on and held asleep outside front door till inside has been cleared. Then taken in to be put asleep gagged, duck taped then stripped to force them and their gang to lose face. Once the girls are informed that we are saving them the team will check with spotters overseeing the route that they are clear. Once our cargo is in they will go to a designated site where we can safely they can be checked medically. At this time we will move the kids to a better transport to get thru the mountains to the safe house. We will as always bath them and give them new cloths and prepare them for the last part of the trip. Also when leaving the brothel we will leave our calling cards.

All went as planned and had no hitches along the way. We did have a low tire that needed repaired at safe house but that is the norm. All the kids made it to their new home and were very happy. Also medical supplies will need to be replenished so this month we will not be able to make any more rescues this month unless we get a miracle of a donation.

Rescued:  14
Previous total: 2398
Grand Total: 2412

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