Mission Report 7422

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Mission Report 7422



Central City



Large Gang



9 kids ages 11 to 14 located on edge of town . Not many neighbors and no street lights. It has mostly local customers. Brothel has 2 guards that are usually outside. Brothel has two exits, the front and back with windows all around but far off the ground. The brothel caters mostly to business men and locals . Kids seem to be in weak condition. The kids are abused to a point to keep them obedient. It is run by a local business man. Police work for the owner and there is not much trouble here or they deal with it and no one cares. It is located on a road that leads out of city.



Night rescue. The spotters will advise when it is quiet and give location of the guards. The transports will be local transports used for paying customers. We will move in when conditions are right and take out the guard or guards outside. They are usually drunk. If one is inside we will take him next. The team will make their way slowly to the brothel. The transports will contain 4 teammates along with two female teammates that will speak to the girls as we remove them. The two guards outside will be put to sleep outside front door stripped and gags then tied together for all to see. Once the girls are informed that we are saving them the team will check with spotters overseeing the route that they are clear. Once our cargo is in they will go to a designated site where we can safely they can be checked out medically at the safe house. We will as always bath them and give them new cloths and prepare them for the last part of the trip. Also when leaving the brothel we will leave our calling cards.



All went perfect. The girls being in bad shape but strong enough to make it to their new home. There they would be well taken care of and begin a new life that was almost over. My team is the greatest!



Rescued:  9

Previous total: 2412

Grand Total: 2421


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