Mission Report 62123

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Mission Report 62123

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 62123



Central City. Shanty town. Brothel facing main street. One entrance one exit. Surrounded by other businesses but close by 10 pm. Two Guards and Police check in from time to time. Leaving is one main street with many side streets.


Gang with partnership with Police.


10 girls ages 9 to 12 in not so good condition will need medical attention before traveling.


Volunteers will spot from roofs after dark. Both at rescue point and route to safe house. Nurse will be present at safe house. 4 teammates will wonder around till all clear and no Police in site. Teammates will be watching for them all along escape route. Once good the teammates on street will put to sleep the two guards and look for anyone who may be inside other than the girls. Three transports will move in with 2 female teammates fluent in the language and bring the girls together and give a short explanation of what is happening. Then to safe house with teammates following and leading looking for any shadows. Safe house girls will be treated and then on to destination.


Extraction took total 7 minutes. Girls needed food and wounds treated. One had broken foot and finger. No incident to safe house and all were cleared for travel. Then to their new home.


Rescued:  10

Previous total: 2719

Grand Total: 2729

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