Mission Report 62823

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Mission Report 62823

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 62823


Location: Edge of a city at 3 locations.



Controlled: Large gang


Situation: 14 one location 10 another location and 11 at third locations 35 girls ages 9 to 13 all in weak condition but none appear serious.


Plan: We chose a low traffic day when customers would be few. We coordinated with each from our spotters when to hit them. We wanted to do all at same time. There was 3 transports assigned to each brothel. Two teammates to take control at each location. Each brothel was set up the same with two guards at all times. Only a front door no other exits. Each have closed businesses to each side and all have minimal traffic on roads. Exit will take each transport to main city where traffic is heavy. We have this area with several spotters that will have our prepared paths cleared. Each will take different routes to the safe houses. Each will have new transports waiting where the kids will be combined in two buses liberated from a former rescue. They they will go to their new home to heal and thrive.


Executed: At the perfect moment we executed all three rescues. Total of 7 minutes in and out. No shadows and girls checked at safe houses. All hungry and some had marks and cuts. All treated and new cloths then feed. We had very safe, safe houses so were able to calm them all down along with small stuffed animal they were comfortable.




Rescued:  35

Previous total: 2729

Grand Total: 2764

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