Mission Report 71722

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Mission Report 71722

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 71722


Location: Across the border



Controlled: Gangs



Border City where we have been before. We received a call for help again from locals including Politicians, Police, Business people, Religious, and citizens. Gangs were selling and forcing foreigners to take children across the border.



Intercept the transportation of abandoned children and save them by taking them to organizations that would raise them and take care of them with all the needs of a child.



Before we could get to the locations of the rescues we found 4 children wondering the desert without direction. 2 were very abused. Ages 5. All needed medical attention. They were taken to Border Patrol.

Once at rescue location, we with the help of those who brought us in, identified those children who had been sold. We collected them under cover from the Gangs who had sold them. We got as many as we could till the Gangs got wind of our operation and fearing danger close for those who requested us we ended the mission with 17 kids ages 4 to 7.




All the children were in bad shape but the nuns had all needed to heal them inside and out.

Rescued:  21

Previous total: 2421

Grand Total: 2442

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