Mission Report 81522

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Mission Report 81522

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 81522








Called in by locals, churches, business owners, police, politicians.



Cross over border and head to area that called us in. Meet with them and get info where kids are being held. Create plan for rescue. Acquire those in harms way and extract them. Meet with those who called us in and arrange their transport to new home.


Before crossing border, just like last time there we found children wondering desert. We collected 7 all about 6 or 7 years old. On way to border agents where they were picking up over 100 other illegals. They were not happy to see us. They took the kids and told us the next time they would arrest us. Interesting. We then continued to where we saw lights crossing both directions across the border and crossed. We got to our meeting point and the locals advised us of about 60 kids being held by Cartel but only a few of them would be there guarding in morning. It was in central city where they would sell the kids to those crossing the border and other evil things. It was a building in the open and easy access but we would be visible for a good distance. We had 15 teammates but many volunteers to assist us. We waited and watched and the nuns gave us a time when there would only be 2 guards and they were correct. The locals followed us in with many cars and trucks. We had a small bus that came in once we had secured it to load the kids. When we had all that were involved a truck with our team moved in and cleared the house duck taping the guards and leaving our cards on them. Then the nuns came in and grabbed the kids and took them to our waiting bus. Then our volunteers filled the street with their cars and trucks. We met with those that would take the kids in and raise them. We transferred the kids into 7 buses and vans to go to where they were going and our team escorted each of them. We found 67 kids so little from ages 3 to 9 years old.



Rescued:  74

Previous total: 2454

Grand Total: 2528

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