Mission Report 8722

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Mission Report 8722

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 8722



Small Alley just outside a shanty town.



Local Business owner



Small Brothel with 12 kids ages 8 to 14 expected to be in fair shape It has moat of its activity during the evening sunset to about 3 in the morning. Many local clients and some foreign clients. Made of some blocks with tin roof and one door in front. It has 10 small rooms all with floor beds and mostly uses candles for light. It has two guards who spend most of their time in front and drinking. Both only have hand guns. Shift change is at 10 am when they are asleep. The other guards will wake them up to relieve them. There is no bathroom.



We will have three transports all open air but has sides and canvas roof. The street will be not be very busy at dawn except some business trucks. The guards should be asleep. We will approach with all three transports and Seven teammates will enter and put to sleep the two guards. Then collect the kids. Then fill the transports with only a driver and one female teammate for each transport. Waiting down the street will be a big truck that has enclosed bed. When the kids are being loaded this truck will pull up and the team will get in and follow the transports to just outside of town. If no shadows the kids will be moved to the larger truck with two teammates getting into the bed of the truck with the kids then go to safe house. The other teammates will get on motorcycles that had been left there and follow in case any shadows pop up. After they have been checked at our safe house they will be transported to their new home.



All went exactly as planned without a hitch. All the kids were weak and clinging to each other till we reached the safe house. There we had nuns and a nurse to check them feed them and clean them up with new cloths. Each got a small stuffed animal. Then their new home!





Rescued:  12

Previous total: 2442

Grand Total: 2454

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