Mission Report 91522

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Mission Report 91522

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report



Asia border


Blend between gangs and government


Transportation over border of new kids for child sex slavery. We can do this everyday but we soon wear out our welcome. So it had been sometime since we had been to this one. At borders there always many shops because of expats and tourists jumping the border to renew visas. It is always busy. There is always a pattern of middle men bringing what they call new products to the buyers mostly gangs but whoever is the highest bidders. They cross border then stop for food. Many times they leave the transport alone because they are sealed and the girls and chained or tied up. We had 25 teammates, and 50 volunteers. We will liberate as many transports as we can then take them to a planned point and assess situation, condition of girls, gas, if transport is good to go etc. Then to planned safe houses. Then on to destination. Always will have teammates shadowing.



As above so below.



We collected kids from 5 transports. We liberated the transports to pay it forward to some of our volunteers. All kids were in fair shape and excited they were rescued. The middlemen were dealt with.




22 girls ages 7 to 12

Previous total: 2454

Grand Total: 2466

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