Mission Report October 21, 2021

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Mission Report October 21, 2021

We were preparing to do a rescue in the next few days on a brothel we had been watching. Recently, it had opened and seemed to be the only one in business in the region. While Teammates were working their way to the location, we got a call.

One of our insiders at a Hospital informed us that they were expecting two girls from the brothel we were sitting on. This meant two sick girls were there and with recent conditions, there was nowhere to sell or trade these little girls. So, they were being sent to the Hospital to be harvested. If you are new here, this is what happens when the children get sick at a brothel. They are severely abused and fed as little as possible. When they get sick and are not getting better they trade or sell them to another brothel. When no one will buy or trade, they send them to specific doctors to be harvested and then the organs go to China. This is not legal or illegal in the areas we are working.

So we would not wait on the rescue. We had enough teammates and volunteers to make it happen. Inside there were 4 guards and as of now we were watching for any movement to see if they planned to take the two girls to the Hospital. If they did, we would intercept on the way. Hopefully, we would get to them before they were taken from the brothel.

The brothel was located on a larger street but in a locals area. The street was dirt but wide with heavy traffic. There was only a front entrance and there was not a way to make another exit. We did not expect a tunnel in this location, still it is possible, but local intel states there is none. At the front entrance, there would be a couple of the guards and maybe a girl or two. Inside, there would be two more guards. The most recent intel from the volunteers told us there were 17 girls all at an approximate age of 9 to 13 with two more that were sick and going to be sold to the doctor. We would wait till all were in place with the spotters, then the ones who would be our shadow blockers and then our team would enter the brothel.

When we go, the team would pull up in 5 transports blocking vision from the street. We would have two on the roof that would enter from an alley, climb onto the roof to spot and be ready for any action. Once we take out the front guards, the second group would see to it that any neighbors would not get involved. At the same time, the third group would be moving into the brothel from two directions inside and take out the remaining guards. Then in the third group, there will be 3 female teammates to gather the girls and locate the sick ones. We do expect the two to be sick and probably very weak. One of our female teammates is local so she can communicate with them. The girls should not be a problem due to their condition. All the girls would come out and enter the transports to go on to the safe houses. We would have three safe houses ready but most likely use two. We had no access to a medical person but two of the Teammates arriving are medical and they would just divert to the safe houses rather than us waiting on them to arrive at the rescue. 

We were now deployed and I had visual thru Viber and all was as was expected. The traffic was thick and that would be to our advantage. We were making last checks when a transport fitting the description of the make shift ambulance was coming down the street. We held up to see if it was the one we were expecting to pick up the two girls at the brothel.

We waited. It was the van to pick up the sick girls. So, I gave the go and all knew what to do. Our transports moved in blocking the Van and the front of the brothel. The Van caused a distraction with the guards and none of them had a clue we had arrived. The drivers of the Van were taken inside with the guards. As they entered, the team inside had already disabled and put to sleep the inside guards. They were stripped of clothes and guns and duck taped together while the girls were taken to the transports and our newly liberated Van.

We made it out of town unnoticed but the girls were so weak. We had no shadows so we made a decision to use one safe house. The other medical Teammate made his way to the other safe house and we were clear. Now we waited to see if the two sick girls were able to be saved. The team made many calls for advice and finally got the answer they wanted. We would have the correct medical supplies to save the sick ones. Thanks to our donors. After a few hours they were stable enough to travel.

I feel like I need to explain a little more about this for people new to the channel. The brothels feed them as little as possible to keep them weak. They also beat and harm the kids to keep them in line so to speak; you can read behind the words. So when they get sick, they do not treat them because that would cost money and make them useless as to profit. The medicine cost more than the profit of the sales when you figure $6 for an hour with the girl. If you don’t understand just think about it. I don’t want to spell it out for you.

All the girls were very weak, not healthy and would need medical care for some time. After we knew we could transport them to where they would begin a new life, we moved out. The place we were taking them would be more than able to treat the girls. Normally this would be a problem but we and the little girls were so lucky. They would be going to the one we call our living Angel.

We completed this phase of the rescue and in the end we have 19 new beautiful little Angels to join our Quest ECSS family.

Previous Rescued: 2110

This Rescue: 19

New Total : 2129



Twitter: TheQuestECSS@questslavery

Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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