Rescue Mission Report November 21 God sends a message

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Yep, that’s what happened. Just a day after the last rescue, one of our volunteers was in a store like a 7/11. A couple of mini trucks rolled up. It caught her attention because of the tarps and she just had a feeling. The man that came in was, as she said, yucky and smelled. He cut in front of the line and asked the cashier directions to the place we had just raided! The volunteer went outside and walked by the trucks and could see thru a break in the canvas. She could see children. She then called the commander and he contacted me. We already had several teammates still hanging out so we decided to check it out. Meanwhile, the trucks stayed parked while the drivers went across the street to eat leaving the kids in the trucks. The team gathered and took off. Two each on two bikes with four single bikes following. They would update while on the move.

The volunteer waited and watched and was soon joined by her friend who also was a volunteer. As the team grew closer, the men with the trucks and their cargo got on the move again. I arranged the safe house that was still available and activated it. We believed that the kids were new replacements for the brothel we had just raided. The teammates arrived and met with the volunteers just after the trucks left. We knew where they were going and they pursued. They had about 5 miles in city central to catch up to them. Then, a mile later they pulled in behind the trucks. The commander advised me and we gave them a go and they knew what to do. 

The Teammates were in mode to move to the side of the truck. The teammate on the back of the bike would grab the truck door and remove the driver. Both of the twin bikes would position themselves next to both trucks and would take the rear one first then seconds later, take the first. Both executed the move perfectly. With the drivers rolling onto the street, the second truck teammate taking control almost ran over the one falling out of the first truck but luckily missed him. So now, we were in control and on the way to the safe house with the other teammates watching for any unwanted visitors. We had a place that the newly liberated trucks and cargo could stop outside of town to check on our passengers. The commander was making those arrangements at this time.

All was arranged. We could breathe now. At the safety stop there would be three volunteers and one nun we work with in this area and they were on the way to the stop. The trucks got there before all the volunteers but the drivers did their best to calm the girls.

But as of yet, this stop had no female teammates there yet. After about 10 minutes, the nun arrived and right after came the volunteers. So, we had been stopped for around 20 minutes and needed to move on. We had to do this to make sure the girls were aware that we were the good guys.

They had been chained together and then to the floor of the trucks. The owner of the home we went to had the tools to correct that problem. We had no time to feed them or anything else but the kids knew they were finally going to be safe. I think removing the chains was when they really knew. So, we were on the move again.

It was about an hour later when we reached the safe house. The girls had not worked before so that was a good thing. All had been sold by their parents for $6 to $25. Some were traded for a loan that they knew they would never be able to pay back. These are the parents and relatives that usually have done this before because they get more money than to take a straight sale. Oh, the number was 17 kids. Now bathed and fed, they were all in good shape except for some cuts from the chains and were on their way to their destination and a new life. 

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