Rescue 3 Fundraising Rescues December 2021

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Rescue 3

Fundraising Rescues December 2021

Mission Report December 21 

We had several teammates at the country border where many girls are transported into a region to be sold by middlemen. The girls who are light skinned are sold for a higher value due to their popularity with pedophiles. These girls are sold to more high-end brothels where foreigners come for this purpose.  

We can watch this happening 24/7 at the borders. With as little as $5 a guard can be paid to allow passage. These middlemen can easily make $400 for 3 to 4 girls. Considering that the average income is $150, this is easy money with an endless supply.  

So, the teams split up into 5 groups and most of them are made up of female teammates. They  moved all around looking for a male driver that looked like he may have been transporting children. This area, the border crossing, had many businesses nearby for all the travelers coming thru. So many of the people crossing would stop and get food or supplies they needed.  

We had several spotters with large areas of view to guide our teammates. It did not take long and they found a small truck with tarps around the back. One of the teammates approached the truck while two other teammates went into the store the driver was in and kept an eye on him. Then, it was confirmed that he had 4 girls in back with their legs tied together. There was no key needed to start the truck so this teammate signaled to the team inside the store and to the spotter to inform the rest of the group. She took the truck and drove away with spotters in front and behind and headed to the safe house we had arranged. The driver inside turned and saw what was happening but our teammates showed him a reason to be quiet. They walked out of the store and to a more private area. There he was informed that he would be taken to a safe place far from the border and relieved of his phone. His arms, legs, and mouth would be restrained but still able to walk with difficulty. This would give us time to make more rescues at the border.  

The girls, ages 7 to 9 were taken to the safe house just out of town. There they were unbound and informed fully of what would happen next. The girls had not been in the brothel yet so they were in ok health.  

Rescued 4 

Fundraiser total 35

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