Rescue 4 Fundraising Rescues December 2021

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Rescue 4

Fundraising Rescues December 2021

Mission Report December 21

Still at the border and just after the last rescued girls were safe, another target appeared. A teammate approached the vehicle and found another mini truck with a deep bed and a roof. Inside were 3 girls. The truck was barely running and in really bad shape. The tires were also bad and there was a concern that the truck would not fit our needs to safely get our kids where we would be heading.  

The driver was still inside his truck and texting on his phone and laughing. Other teammates closed in and stood at a short distance. We did not want to interrupt his texting for obvious reasons. Then, when he was finished, he put the phone on the seat and began to exit the truck. The teammate next to the door convinced him to move over and at same time another teammate entered the passenger side and another teammate got in the rear of the truck with the girls and kept them calm. We took the truck out of town with several other teammates in front and behind. We had one of our transports meet them well outside of town. They got to the meet up point ahead of our new truck with our cargo. We half expected this truck not to make it and if it did not we could easily go to it. Well, it made it and we transferred our wonderful cargo.  

The driver was bound and gagged like the last one and we took his phone then cut the tires to his truck. The girls were taken to the same safe house as the others from the border and again they had not worked in the brothel before so they were in ok condition. It was not long and they were taken to their new home.  

Rescued 3  

Fundraiser total: 38

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