Rescue in Memory of Jim Law a Great Friend of The Quest ECSS August 19

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Rescue in Memory of Jim Law a Great Friend of The Quest ECSS August 19
Recently, as in my last report, we have brought on a few new people to help us in our Quest. They came thru and we now have more space to put some of our rescues. So, here we go.
We had just received monies from a Facebook fundraiser… by one of our great Ambassadors. Never use facebook to raise money because it takes forever and it can take months to actually receive your funds. Just an fyi.
We had been getting reports for a long time about a very abusive child brothel. Yes, they are all abusive but this one stood out. We had wanted to get to these kids much sooner but we have not had sufficient donations this year and like so many we want to rescue. We just had to wait because we could not do it safely because of the lack of funds. The most recent report was that over 10 had been removed due to death. So, we had to do it now. Every 30 seconds a child is taken, do you understand the frustration we face all the time every second of everyday? I hope you do. That is why when people tell me to wait for this or that; I may not be so cooperative. Sorry.
This is one of those brothels that are mostly open for locals. This is also one of the brothels that keeps the kids in small cages stacked on top of each other. It is tightly controlled by the gangs with the cooperation of local officials. This makes it rather difficult to be in control of our rescue. So, our team had to be the most elite that we have. They have a plan of operation but it will be very loose due to the situation.
When the kids are in cages, it makes it very hard to predict how long it will take to cut the cages open to get them out. Also, the condition of the kids is a major factor and so we also have to consider how to prepare for that. Then, there are the extraction routes and safe houses along with having them staffed for what we could be facing. Unlike most of our rescues just the prep has taken us 24 hours +.
The brothel is in city central. We needed the intel from the volunteers that have been watching for so long in order to understand the traffic and times along with any patrols. The brothel is on a road that has no cross streets so it’s only one-way in and out. The one common thing in our favor is that there are many covered trucks that deliver produce in this area and on this street. That would be an advantage to us so we could blend in. These trucks deliver all day and night so that is also to our advantage. The safe houses we acquired were all in the mountains so we would have good vision of any shadows that might follow us or look for us.
The brothel had only a front door but we would not need to make any more. Any underground tunnel would not be probable because of how the kids are brought in or taken out. So the plan was to hit it at the best time for escape and block traffic from both ends for a short time. This will give the team inside the extra time that we may need. We would have to be aware of any shadowing eyes spotted by our volunteers and move accordingly. And so, we were set.
We hit the brothel and the 3 guards were put to sleep for a while and our trademark cards were placed on them so they had a message to wake up to. The team all wore masks due to the stench inside just as we had expected. I will not go into details on conditions as I have written before about the cages. Most all of the kids were sick from the filth but five were good enough to leave on their own. We were ready for this and the cages had not been a problem. Our traffic blocks were still in place because we had anticipated it taking longer. The kids were removed without delay and the team was able to get them to the safe houses without any shadows or problems. The kids were not active or talkative due to their condition so, we moved as fast as we could to get them to the safe houses. Once there, we had the staff needed to take care of the kids well enough until we could get them to the location we had just added an extension on to. They would be kept there in the expansion for some time to get healthy again and not spread anything to the current kids residing there. We were assured all would recover physically but the nun did not answer when I ask about mentally. I had to accept that, for now.
17 kids ages 6 to 12 rescued
Previous total: 1610
New total: 1627
Twitter: Zaysan@questslavery
Facebook: The Quest ECSS
Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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