Retailation rescue The Quest ECSS 3

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Now for the meat. We had an option of 8 child brothels in this area but there was no way to do all of them unless we had a large army. The locals willing and unwilling knows we will leave and would help the gang. The authorities all were in the pocket of the gangs. The day we are fluid like the other so called charities then we will end this crime against humanity but for now we have to stick to what is available to us. One day either while we are all still going or not people will know what we have done and they will know how we can end this child sex trafficking and the plans are free to the world. Maybe all of you will share this enough that it will be the Quest ECSS that will have the lead but to whoever does it is fine with me. We, after a lot of disscussion we chose three brothels to hit. The other rescues had absorbed most of the talent so we would take these one at a time. We had the volunteers but lacked the numbers of the team. Remember the Kids are first. The rescuses up to this point had been so numberous we were worried about having enough supplies to care for all of them but this Is a once in a lifetime event. So we are going for it. Safty for the kids is number one then the rest can all find its way. Volunteers had up to the second info and the first of three would be hit running and from all four sides. The transports would wait three minutes from the time it was hit then move in. The spotters were all concentrated on one route for several clicks to the point two or three directions would be choosen to the safe houses. We had optional routes at this rescue if needed. Just to advise you all we were up to almost 150 volunteers on this one with an additional 75 spotters left at this point. I turned away over 300 more but gave them organizational positions outside of the danger zone. To allow all to enter danger zone would put more at risk when not needed. Due to the fallen Quest members all wanted to be there. Ok 6 gang guards and 40 teammates seems a little overwhelming right, well some will stay with the kids and the rest will move on but I pitty the guards heheh not. We hit it and the team was waiting for the transports and nuns. They overwhelmed the bad guys and the girls were not in good condition so they were easy to manage. Yep that fast. No one noticed in surrounding area. Once the transports had passed the second checkpoint the remaining team moved on in local transports. It was 7 minutes till they reached a hill near the next target. At this point we I contacted the volunteers for the intel. Then passed it on to the team. There were 7 guards with 4 outside and the rest inside. It was a cornor lot with the jungle behind and a open air food market to one side, closed. And an open lot to the other side and street side was more of a alley. Those not in combat gear would approch and all would get close to the guards and at the same time take them out. As that was about to happen the rest of the team entered casually thru the front door. Upon entry we knew of 17 customers and the exits were blocked with the guards taken down. All the customers without a girl was given a Quest ECSS trading card and poiletly ask to wait. The clients that were with kids were temporally put to sleep. They did not get traiding cards. The commander called in the transports and in 2 more minutes all were rescued. Total time 7 minutes. We were getting close to the headquartors of the gang and we had to be extra quiet, not any attention. The transports had reached the fourth checkpoint and so we were on the move to the third brothel right next door to the headquartors of the gang. Keep in mind the headquartors had over 300 occupients. The brothel was attached but seperated from the main building. This is one side we would not need cover. All the other sides were alley ways and strictly controled by the gang. 20 skilled teammates were left and would take the kids to the transports so not to endanger the nuns and monks. For this reason most of the team was female. They seem to have a better calming effect on the kids. No worry their skills were as good as any of the men. 17 guards would be present but most would be near the front and the intel was no customers due to event at the main building. Sometimes God gives us a break you know. Upon entry all hell broke loose and some of the guards had time to cover themselves with the kids. One of the team took a bullet in the leg and 4 of the team took wounds from knifes arms legs and shoulder. After a moment the guards were sleeping. The girls huddled toegther and were forced to stay in main room. The commander bleeding from the shoulder neared the kids and fell to her knees and looked at the kids. Sometimes all it needs is a look and the world changes. The kids did not seem to be frightened anylonger. The commander motioned in the other teammates and slowly gather the kids to get them to the transports waiting outside. The commander and 2 others set some suprise for the gangs who would find this place empty later. Also two decks of Quest ECSS cards would be spread across the floor. The team exited and once safe looked down from the mountian they were on and could see the town very active. We knew it was over now for now. I could hear a big noise in the background as my commander informed me on viber that all good all safe and secure. Outstanding I replied, then commander, roger that. Then 4 hours later I got the stats. Facebook: The Quest ECSS

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