Village rescue January 2019

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We have been watching this brothel for a good while. It is run by government officials in this small Village. When you are dealing with small towns cities villages or such it is a more difficult rescue due to everyone knowing each other and it would be easy to expose one of the good people that lives there and his or her entire family. So we have to walk soft. Yet with this there is always a good side too as you will see later.
This like many of the others needed the safe houses to be at a distance so it can remain secret to the place we rescue them from. There Is a lot of open area surrounding this village so we need to check and double check our escape route. Most of you by now that follow us should know our method, if not just go back and read all of our rescues on facebook: The Quest ECSS.
The brothel is central city and is doing business in the open and everyone knows about it. We knew this would be a very dangerous one without funds and the reason we have not hit it before this is there are many others that are not so dangerous and more kids involved. But as you all know things have changed a little. Not a lot but enough to do things that we could not before. This area is very poor and the brothel is more of a cultural thing but it does get a lot of travelers that pass thru making it a prime resource for this little village. The costs have to be kept down so the girls are not fed well or cared for medically. It is one of those disposable product brothels. The product is the girls.
The plan was worked out with several options that the Commander would adapt to at the time. We knew that doing this rescue would be mostly fruitless unless we had a extra plan. Lets say we have a successful rescue and it would take about 3 days for it to be up and running again with more little girls taken and brought in. So we could not allow that to happen. Some time ago I spent a lot of money to convert a town of 6 child brothels to no brothels even adult. It worked and it has been that way for over 7 years. Now they chase away anyone even gangs from bringing brothels back. This rescue is not near that size but I know we can do something similar. Along this path we have been on we have met and helped many valuable people that are locals that now help us when we need it. That is what the difference will be.
Now that we had plans in hand we were set to go but I wanted to test another option. I sent three of our team all men for negotiations. To have sent a woman would not be respected here. Knowing the culture in each place we work is what separates us from other organizations. I sent them to the Chief who also acts as the police. We took him for a walk posing as investors. That sounds a little funny but it is the easiest way for people to understand what we are doing. Once alone with him we presented him with an offer to look the other way and in return to pay him to save face. It took awhile to get the price right and our investors knew that we may have to sent the team in to do the rescue if they realized the chief could not be bought. So after about a hour he agreed to a price, thank you donors.
The chief would get what he thought would be a lot of money and then he would just replace the brothel after we left, but we did not let him know that there would be no new brothel. So the deal was made for him to disappear along with the guards at a specific time and we would watch since before this meeting till that time to make sure all was in order. Our team would move in without causing and attention and all in plain cloths with some volunteers and collect the girls. The girls we knew would not put up much of a fight especially without the bad guys there. The volunteers would and knew how to put them at ease. Candy. They would be taken to a safe house and once out of the village all of our procedures would be like any other rescue.
The Chief kept his promise and we got 7 kids to safety. They were in really bad shape and we decided to take them to another safe house where they could be brought back to stronger health. It took a few days then they finished their journey. But like I said before that would not be the end of the story.

We gathered some of our special people that we have met along the way and relocated them to this area. I will not tell the full story because it could derail the game plan. So what I can tell you is that all transports of new children to this village will not make it there. Also this village will have local trade stores that will as time passes bring in tourists. The Chief will be satisfied even though he does not know it yet or he will be replaced.
So just again I have to say Thank you all, without the fundraiser this would never have happened.
Rescued 7 ages 6 to 13
Previous Total: 1436
Grand Total: 1443

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