The Quest ECSS additions to our cause January 2019

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This is a update that I am very happy about since the fundraising event. What we do most of you know but one thing that is not talked about is what happens after. You know the main job that they are taken to places like orphanages and such to heal, be safe, go to school, eat normal, therapy, make friends and so on. Our team members are at each one of these places 24/7. From their own pockets they help around the place with repairs cooking and where ever they are needed. Well many of our places are non Buddhist and not supported in anyway by those governments. They are on their own but still have strict codes by those governments. We have flooded these places with our rescued kids and have never been able to pay the $20 a month to keep them, yet they take them in unconditionally.
There are four of these places that are in disrepair and the repairs needed are beyond us along with proper paperwork for legal operations. These four will soon be closed if not brought up to code. We have done a great job delaying that process. Since the fundraiser we have created a plan of specific directions with use of the funds.
This month two of the places will have new sewer systems, additions to existing buildings for more kids and safe construction, Kitchens will have walls to satisfy government and documents. Details in many areas like roof repairs, reconditioned bathrooms and smaller things like mosquito nets over the beds. Also pots and pans for cooking were sorely needed. One of the things that is real important is to fix the grounds before rain season that is almost upon us. Flooding is a big problem and has caused a lot of the damage that these buildings are suffering from.
Next month we will work on the other two places to also bring them up to code and repairs much like these that we are doing now.
So thanks again to the fundraiser.
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