The Quest ECSS December fundraising Rescues part 1 of 7

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The Quest ECSS December fundraising Rescues part 1 of 7

Fundraising rescue starts as we in preparation for this day we have been sitting on 7 locations for a couple of weeks. We had constant monitoring all the ins and outs and when customers are there and so on. We also watched traffic and began to set up those that will watching if we gather any shadows. This brothel primary serves foreigners. There are 22 girls here and we know them to be in not very good condition. There are several ways out but we will try to keep it to two. We have 10 teammates that will be in and out thru the front doors. It is only the way in and out.

All is prime now so I give the Go and it was fast under 4 minutes since breach. We had 4 transports at door as they came out. Inside was 3 guards who were put to sleep and gagged. We were correct about the condition of the girls and two were in critical condition. We got out of town without any trouble and two safe houses will be used.

All made it but two were touch and go till one of them passed so at least she was free. All others will be cleaned and given new cloths. They would be told what is happening to them but most were in too bad a condition to really know or care what was happening.

So rescued 22 souls.

Grand total will be included in part 7

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