The Quest ECSS December fundraising rescues part 2 of 7

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The Quest ECSS December fundraising rescues part 2 of 7

This brothel holds 17 girls with some very young 6 years old. It is also located near where we have did rescues from a hospital who takes organs from sick girls from the brothels. So this could be one of the brothels that sell the girls to the doctors who harvest the organs and sell to China. So it is a location we have been wanting to shut down. It is located away from anything close. This is a good bad situation because when it is crowded you can hide in public view but when stand alone anyone can see what is happening. In crowded area the downside is getting out unnoticed and open area you can see the bad guys coming. From the intel we gathered it should take about 7 minutes. We have front and back door and no tunnels but there could be hiding areas in walls or floors or adic. We have 12 teammates on hand for this one and 4 transports and 5 volunteers watching for shadows. Again this one we have several paths out and will have 2 safe houses but may only use one depend on how it goes.

The time is ready and I view it on viber and listen to the commander to see if the plan has changed any then I give the command to Go and they did. It is on and 6 minutes in and out all girls in our hands now and the 4 guards the usual bound and gagged and asleep. No shadows The route to safe house was calm and no shadows so we decided to use only one safe house.

We left a message with our death cards and spray paint on the wall to repent!

Total here is 17 + 22 = 39

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