The Quest ECSS Rescue – The Fight

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  • The Quest ECSS Rescue – The Fight
  • We found a border brothel and had been watching it for some time but the owners would often come and go with the kids. Finally, they had settled in and were becoming established. We knew there was 14 girls being held, aged about 7 to 14. The brothel was mostly made of hut materials; the conditions were not good for health. The kids were fed only once a day. The brothel was located on the outside of town without any near neighbors. It was near a border and access should be easy both in and out. There would be three brothel guards at any given time. 
  • The brothel was up a short hill and located near a road so we would have good cover at night. We would have 10 teammates. 7 would crawl up the hill, signal, and then breach the building. At this time, our transports would activate and go up a trail to the brothel. By that time, the team should have all under control. Time estimated to be 8 minutes till they would be on their way out of the area. As we headed toward the rescue location, volunteers took positions along the way because this was also our escape route. 
  • Time started as the team moved unnoticed up the hill and signaled the rest of our team. One team member asked Commander if he could take on the guards. It looked like they wanted to fight. Two other team members stayed behind just in case the fight went the wrong way. All went smooth and was under time by 30 seconds. The other three were one minute behind. 
  • About the fight, one of our team loves to fight. We had been limited with funds so all rescues were on hold for a while. Things can build up in these men and women and sometimes the aggression needs a vent. Not with each other but like this. The kids’ rescue was not delayed at all and this fight just had to be. The teammate engaged and it was over at the blink of an eye. The guards should be sleeping for a while. The three teammates were out of there and caught up to the rest of the team in a few minutes. There were no shadows and it was easy going to the safe house. 
  • Once at the safe house, the girls were checked over and other than being very dirty and very hungry, they would be in good condition to move on to their next destination. 
  • The morale of the team was so high into the next day laughing about Joe’s big “three on one fight” and another successful mission. 

Total Rescued: 14

Previous Total: 1648

New Total: 1662

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Twitter: zaysan@questslavery

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