The quest ecss human trafficking March rescue in and out

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This is another one we had been wanting to rescue for awhile but lacked the funds. This one had currently 24 girls with 4 guards and was inside city. This one we had put on hold due to so many eyes to see us and it was surrounded by many businesses and foot and motor traffic. The house had one way in and one way out. This one we choose to do early evening due to some sort of festival going on. This would give us opportunity for a distraction and less customers.
We arranged to have a tent set up a block away on edge of festival. Any one want free beer… I think you get the picture. So we made sure everyone in area was aware of this. When it opened we would start the rescue. As always we had spotters set up in circles around the brothel for several blocks and then also along the way of our escape routes. We had arranged 5 safe houses but should only need two. We also would spread the girls out between orphanages unless some of them had ties with each other. We knew that the girls would be in weak state but not known of any serious health issues. Even though we know this we are always prepared for the worse.
This will be the first rescue that we did with our new storage areas that we have placed through out our battle areas filled with supplies we may need for any nearby rescues. All of this is because of you the donors. Thank you all so much.
It would take 3 minutes, first the team would move in and slowly identify guards near door and drop them then the rest of team would move in and secure the rest. The volunteers then would be called in who would be in a nearby truck. While they were entering the team would collect the girls with a full head count. Then the volunteers leader would communicate with one of the girls to make sure we had them all. The team would now be at door calling in the rest of the trucks and as soon as they were in front the kids would be moved to the trucks fast. The team would take three different routes to the safe houses then once kids were feed cloths and bathed they would head to the destinations.
The rescue took just under 3 minutes and all this time was as we had expected. All the girls were OK and on their way to health again and safety. I love it when a plan comes together.
24 more souls in our care!
Previous totals:1471
New Total:1495 twitter: Zaysan@questslavery facebook: The Quest ECSS

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