The Quest ECSS Human Trafficking Rescue Mission with a Twist September 2020

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The Quest ECSS Human Trafficking Rescue Mission with a Twist September 2020

Well, as with everything, it was a rough week. Our website got hacked on Chrome and it ending up costing us about $400. That was a part of what we had saved for a rescue that we were about to do. I told the community and I was amazed as they came thru. I love our community. 

So, here’s how it went. Intel from some of our volunteers let us know that a brothel was about to open up and had 14 girls being held in it. It was in central city and we knew this area well. The plan was pretty simple. We knew there were two guards, one entrance and only one road in and out. Off this street, we had many options. With that, we set up and put everyone in place. 

We had spotters set up on the exit routes and extras if we needed to divert to another escape plan. Our evac team was moving into place to meet up with our transports. Then, things got a bit crazy. The team noticed they were being watched and the commander contacted me. She would keep me up to date as I called in some more of our team in the near area and got them on their way to our location and worked with one of our spotters to let them know what was going on. We were going to be ambushed! So, I got back with the commander and she decided to proceed forward and then split into two groups to hopefully divide those that were following us. Then, it came time to “make it up as you go”.

The bad guys/gang decided to follow only one group. Knowing this, our team led them to an area we knew well with an old abandoned warehouse. The commander took her team and doubled back on the bad guys. The other part of the team took position to lay and wait for the bad guys to arrive. The commander’s team advanced in on the bad guys just as they came up on our team that was waiting for them.  The gang was caught in the middle. They were out manned and armed so they tried to flee but it was useless. Our team gathered them up and took them to the warehouse. 

Our additional team of 4 arrived and with these gang members tied up, the mission was back on. The new team joined our transports and entered the street to the brothel. The spotters gave the all clear and the team just casually walked in. The guards just gave up as they went to sleep. Then, one of the spotters noticed what looked like a truck with even more girls in it with two drivers coming to the brothel. We moved our transports up a little so as to not attract notice. The 14 girls were moved to the back with one of our nuns and she kept them calm. 

The truck pulled right up in front of the brothel. One of our team softly pushed the door open and the rest took positions against the brothel wall. The two drivers got out of the truck and walked to the door. Two team members grabbed them and pulled them in before they knew what was happening and put them to sleep. They were all stripped, tied up and put in one of the rooms. We sent one of the nuns in that had been spotting for us and asked her to go talk to the girls that were outside in the truck. She informed us they were all tied to the truck and really scared. Our other transports had pulled up and we loaded the rest of the girls quietly so as to not attract any attention. The new girls had to be left tied up until we were on the move

Back at the warehouse, this gang of 15 were stripped, their clothes burned and then tied to posts in the warehouse, all presently sleeping. The commander then took her team to follow up on the ride to the safe houses. 

All the girls were checked by medical and told what was happening and that they would all now be safe. All of the girls were bathed and given new clothes. Thankfully, the girls were healthy and just needed some love and nutrition. The rest of the team caught up and shared their stories. All of the girls, 14 in the brothel and 7 in the truck were now safe and beginning their new life. 

Total: 21

Previous Total:1869

Grand Total: 1890

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Twitter: Zaysan@questslavery

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