The Quest ECSS New Rescues and Two Graduations!!!! Also new Scholarship program

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The Quest ECSS New Rescues and Two Graduations!!!! Also new Scholarship program

Well, it is still mostly Locked down. We are keeping our eyes on potential new child brothels opening.

We are also sending Teams into the areas where the Monsters prey upon, buy, and take young, helpless kids. We are also educating the people in the villages that we will not tolerate this practice and if they need help from us to prevent those circumstances, to find us.

For those that are new to what the Quest ECSS and wonder what we do, you will find all the information you will need in our previous videos. To keep it short, all too often, a culture can see girls as just another mouth to feed and that she cannot be of any help to the family financially. Also, what happens when a family is in debt and the collector comes? They have no money. They give up their daughter to pay their debt. Sometimes, the parents are into drugs or gambling but there are so many other reasons; none good. We would rather that we get to rescue the kids before these Monsters can take them.

So, we have been working on spotting older, foreign men with little kids. No one really cares when they see this happening. It is more about keeping quiet and not looking, just looking away. They fear the gangs and governments more than doing what is right. You can argue that, but that is my thought.

We operate in several countries and we have rescued 12 girls in the last two weeks. Pretty simple, we approach, interrogate, the truth is obvious. When they are questioned, in most all cases, the Monster will run and leave the girl with us. The girls ages are 10 to 13. When this happens, our best path is to quickly and quietly carry the girl to get out of the area. We take them to one of our nearest homes where they are fed, clothed, and given the beginning of a new life.

This is not our biggest news. Something special has happened. Two of our girls have what we now call “Graduated”. Wooooo Hooooo! I have so much I want to say about this and it will be on the next video. So, for all of you that have helped us thru the years or followed and prayed for us, you don’t want to miss it. 

To keep it short, both have graduated from a couple of trade schools and are now out on their own. No worry People; they will never be alone. One graduated from beauty school and one from a commercial sewing school and they will be starting with the best equipment with maximum potential. We have been preparing for this day for a long time. Simply put, the average income is about $150 a month in these places and we require that those who are old enough to leave and have healed, will need to make at least $450 a month. We have prepared them to do this because if they don’t, they will be seen for what they were then and not now. This way, they are looked up to and admired. So, enough till the video when I will tell you so much more. Also the start of the DJ Riser Scholarship program.

Previous Total: 1890

New Total: 1902 

Rescued: 12 

Facebook: The Quest ECSS 

Youtube: Human Trafficking The Quest ECSS 


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