Mission Report 91523

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The Quest ECSS Human Trafficking

Mission Report 91523


Central City




Large warehouse with many doors front and back but kids kept in walled off area inside. Rooms are separated by curtains. 21 kids ages from 9 to 13 in poor condition. With 4 guards inside and 2 outside. Customers enter in front and leave in back. No other buildings surround it on its side of the street with river in rear. Exits are river, one bridge, or thru town then out into forest.


Take out guards in rear then signal to transport to move into front of brothel and take out guards. Then bring in 5 more local transports with team to breach front door and back at same time. Take down the guards inside. Have the 5 female teammates gather and calm the kids. Then when street is clear load kids and cross bridge into outer city then to the foot of the mountains. There they will be met with 3 tourist vans we have liberated. A quick medical check of kids to make sure they are safe to travel then on to safe house. From there to their new home.


In and out in 8 minutes some of the kids needed carried to transports. 12 teammates on bikes covered our 6 watching for shadows to the mountain. Kids were in poor condition but would recover. Made it to safe houses and were fed bathed with new cloths and a stuffed animal. All made it safely to their new home.



Rescued:  21

Previous total: 2858

Grand Total: 2879

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